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Home Chiropractic

by Linda K. Foster

Chiropractic treatment is increasingly appreciated by both patients and physicians, but, unfortunately, is still not covered by the majority of health insurance plans. In an effort to make chiropractic treatment accessible to anyone who needs it, Licensed Chiropractor, Dr. Karl V. Holmquist offers his 194 page "Home Chiropractic Handbook" and accompanying 100 minute DVD, "Home Chiropractic" Both the DVD and Handbook bring to the public a way to attain and maintain better health through an understanding of chiropractic principles and how they can be applied in the home.

Dr. Holmquist offers simple-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations, diagrams, and explanations of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar-pelvic techniques easily applied at home. To quote Dr. Holmquist, both resources are primarily designed to "...provide a way for the lay person to accept responsibility in a reasonable manner for his own spinal health and that of his family." Additionally, Dr. Holmquist provides self-adjusting techniques for singles.

Chiropractic Handbook and DVD Dr. Holmquist begins with an explanation of the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic and moves into a clearly written and demonstrated review of an understanding of the basic anatomy of the spine. Once readers and viewers have an understanding of these basics, Dr. Holmquist begins the process of teaching the application of spinal correction techniques, giving good guidelines on how to adjust your family members.

"Home Chiropractic handbook" and "Home Chiropractic" (DVD) offer an opportunity to experience the health benefits of chiropractic treatment without costs that are normally generated. Take advantage of Dr. Holmquist's years of experience and learn how easily his techniques can be applied in the home.

Here are a hand full of testimonials from the thousand we've received.

I recently found myself fortunate enough to have happened upon a copy of “Home Chiropractic Handbook” and happy to inform you that I find this text to be virtually indispensable. However, as I am not a professional in this field, nor do I seek to become one, I referred your book to our firm’s chiropractor who had this to say: “Jay, this is one of the most timely, practical and worthwhile pieces of work available to the layman today.”

Jay Samuelson
- North Dakota

My husband and I have been seeing a chiropractor, for maintenance care, for about twenty years. We now have a family and maintenance visits are quite hard to keep up. My husband and I have been able to adjust our eight children and each other. Thank-you

Gary & Nancy Metilly
- New Hampshire

I just received the Home Chiropractic Handbook in the mail a few days ago, but have read through it and begun applying the correction techniques on my wife already. I am very happy to report that a measure of relief has already been obtained. For your help in this we are very thankful to you. I had previously asked my wife’s chiropractor to train me to treat her, as we cannot afford the amount of care she needs, but he refused. I cannot tell you how happy we are that you are more concerned about alleviating suffering than in amassing personal wealth. Again, thank you for writing the Home Chiropractic Handbook and making it available for the people such as ourselves who are interested in obtaining and maintaining optimum health.

Andy Keen
- California

I am currently using your manual on chiropractic and must say how pleased I am to be instructed by you on the principles of chiropractic maintenance. I am thrilled by the potential of caring for my family in this way and also bypassing the tremendous expense incurred on a yearly basis for mere routine adjustments.

Cindy Loper
- Nebraska

I look forward to the arrival of this set and the ability to manage my family’s spinal health in the comfort of our own home. It would be a blessing to do this without having to make appointments, spend valuable time in some doctor’s waiting room, pay outrageous fees and / or rely on insurance to cover the costs. Thank you for making this knowledge available to the public!

Rhonda Thompson
- Texas

We practice chiropractic on each other now and appreciate the chance to learn more through your book – Thank you for making it available to us! We’re looking forward to using it.

Doug & Patty Wallace
- Iowa

My wife and I have tried to adjust each other with some success, but a guide would no doubt be safer and more effective.

John Farmer
- Texas

I used to have a copy of Dr. Holmquist’s book and was getting the hang of the adjustments, but someone borrowed it and I haven’t seen it since. However, I’m delighted that Dr. Holmquist has included a video so I don’t mind ordering again.

James Andrews
- Washington

Amelia and I are getting a lot of information and enjoyment from our early viewing of the video, thank you very much for the obviously inspired work and your efforts to spread the chiropractic principle.

Len Smith
- California

Thank you so much for writing Home Chiropractic Handbook and producing the companion video. I’ve been doing home chiropractic on my family for several years and learned such simple techniques from you that helped so much; something as simple as the angle you hold your arm or body helped a lot.

Michelle Presley
- Oregon

Thanks for taking the time & the “heat” for educating about chiropractic. We moved from California to Alabama this last year and seriously miss our family chiropractor of 17 years. Your video and handbook have served our 8 kids and us so well.

Susie Adams
- Alabama

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